While searching in my craft room, I came across this latch hook rug that I made in 1999. It is my own design and I made it while the puppies were very little.  I made the mistake of putting it on the floor and the little pups enjoyed pulling many of the threads out of the rug. After working so hard on it, I decided to put it into a safe place. I assume that most people are like me. Once something is put away safely, it will be years before it is remember again. It might have to go back into safety as Sophie still gets into things and destroys them. See  you in another few years  Scottie rug.


Eleven years ago, Lexie Lou lost her battle with lymphoma. It is an insidious disease that spread through her in spite of an aggressive round of chemotherapy. She had been groomed by me in October and we went to the vet in November when the vet noticed her swollen neck. I would have noticed it the month before, but there was no sign of it. Despite trying to keep her alive, she succumbed to cancer in a month and a half.

She was one of the litter that Drew gave birth to in 1999. Lexie Lou was a wonderful girl. She loved her mom, my daughter Michele and her first family in my house. She will always be remembered. Rest In Peace sweet girl.

DECEMBER 12, 1992

On this fateful day a wonderful Scottie came into my life.I had been searching the probate notices in the newspaper. My husband had died in November and the lawyer was giving me a hard time with everything. He was not returning phone calls and was under constant siege from my wicked step daughters. I thought that I might find something in the newspaper and I did. It was not what I was looking for, but it was a lost and found notice for a female Scottish Terrier. I had a Scottie when I lived in New York and I loved the breed. I had been dogless for 14 years and something made me make a call to the lady who placed the ad. It was supposed to get cold that night and she had been keeping the Scottie on her back porch. The ad said that the Scottie did not want to wander in the cold. I called and asked her if there had been any response to her found ad and she told that there had been no response. I asked if she would be willing to let the little girl be adopted if there were no response. A few hours later, she called and asked if I could come down and meet the dog. I was at her house in under one half hour and the Scottie came home with me.

The vet said that she was about two years old and that she had numerous medical conditions. My free dog cost me over $1000.00 in the next week while she was treated for heartworms, other worms, a UTI, and an ear infection. It was some of the best money ever spent. Corky is the namesake of Corkscot. She was a wonderful girl. Everyone loved her and she loved every person or animal that she ever met. She got me through many hard times and I will always be grateful for the 14+ years that she lived with me. Remembered on her Gotcha Day, RIP sweet girl.corky-weinstein-001001


Although Shelby has had freedom for over a week, she is still going right back into her pen after every walk. The first day it took her overran hour to wander out of the pen. The arrival of the siblings in the pen must have given her the clue that the pen was unlocked. She must have decided that three is a crowd and she left. I’m hoping that she will get over the pen experience and realize that she does have freedom. Sophie is happy to have her partner in crime back on the job. Sidney has not been as much fun since Shelby’s injury. He finds Sophie a little too much to handle.005006007008

Piper’s Big Date

I was happy for Shelby to have a second date with Piper. Lexi’s mom was instrumental in bringing the two love birds together. Poor Shelby has never scene or eaten steak before this date. The poor Corkscot Scotties live in a non meat eating house and this would be a big treat. We thank both Amy and Samantha for all of their help. We know that Noodle is missing his girl friend Lexi and it was kind of the two moms to get together for this big occasion.

lexi the schnauzer & friends

I knew Shelby had been stuck in the house with her brother and sister for 87 weeks after her surgery and was needing some peace and quiet. I thought about the beach, but Shelby was concerned about sand and bacteria getting in her incision, even if it was completely healed. So for our first date all alone, I took Shelby to a lovely little cabin in the mountains. Heck, I can hang out just about anywhere and be ok, but I wanted my girl to have some comfort and pretty surroundings. She isgirl after all, and I learned from my Mom that girls like those things.

I thought we could start with a little stroll leading up to the cabin.


We arrived just before the sun started to drop behind the trees. I was a little nervous about the cabin being nice enough.

piper-shelby-at-cabin-front-with-speech-bubbleShelby, do you like the…

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