As some of you may know, Rocky is my daughter Michele’s rescue Scottish Terrier. She adopted him from a shelter in Palm Beach County.  She was looking for another Scottie as her little girl  died from lymphoma several months before. After living with a Scottie, it is hard to be by yourself. She had read about the shelter having a Scottie and went to see him. As you can tell by the picture, Rocky does not have the typical Scottie look. It is a shame that he is unable to speak. It would be very interesting to hear how his misshaped jaw came to be. It might be genetic or the results of some kind of fight or abuse. He will drink a whole bowl of water and then throw it up. He gobbles his food. He might have been deprived of both food or water. He gas never gotten over these habits. He is also the most lovable boy.  He is sweet with dogs and people. Sidney gives him a hard time. Rocky will take the great circle rout to get to me. The girls do love him. He presented many challenges in the beginning, but he has grown into a wonderful companion. HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY SWEET BOY. This picture was taken after a haircut last weekend. Grandma loves you.

A Beach Party Invite

You know that I could not say no to my favorite beau. I will forgo my fear of water and happily join you at the beach. Remember to bring sun screen. my nose is delicate. I’m not so sure about Sidney. He is becoming weirder by the moment.I do want to have FUN!

lexi the schnauzer & friends

Dear Shelby,

When Aunt Amy told me about the Spring Break Beach Party, all I could think about was taking you to the beach. I know you don’t really like water, so we don’t have to go swimming or participate in the Scuba Diving or Surfing events. But wouldn’t it be great fun to run free on the beach?

Shelby, you will be so beautiful running with me!

We could also join in the Treasure Hunt — maybe we will find some bones to chew! And the Amusement Park looked like fun too. I promise we will only go on the rides you like.

So, what do you say?   Yes  or    Yes  (or  _ Maybe, but probably YES)
Your biggest admirer,

P.S. Your protective brother Sidney can come, too, but he will have to find his own ride.

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Today is Shelby’s 7th birthday. She came to the house when she was 10 months old and has been a wonderful companion since the moment of her arrival. She is proof that rescues make wonderful pets. Her integration into the house took all of 10 minutes. Sidney fell in love with her immediately. He had been mourning the loss of Drew  for 3 months and his personality  improved as soon as Shelby arrived.

This year has been tough for her. She lost 5 teeth in a game of tug of war with her sister Sophie and she tore her CCL and had to have surgery to repair the tear. She is still as feisty as ever. Here’s to a long and happy life.


Today is Sidney’s 10th birthday. Corkscot Man Of La Mancha has had an interesting year. He has had to deal with two crazy sisters. One has been laid up with a surgically repaired leg and the other is just crazy. He was diagnosed with a heart murmur and has been taking medication  for it. Through it all, he has remained the same wonderful Scottie boy. He has slowed down a little bit. It is hard to tell if it is from aging to just trying not to deal with his siblings. Here’s to many more years of Scottitude for my boy.

Love you


Tory was the surprise puppy that came along well after his two sisters were born. I was just about ready to go take the two girls to be checked by the vet when he made his appearance. Tory was always a little different than his sisters.  He spent his short 6 years being a peacemaker between the two girls. He would never stand up to eat or drink. Everything was done at his pace. He fit in Florida perfectly. He christened my new car with two days of being sick on the way to a trip to visit his breeder Betty Lou Breese. By the time that we got to West Virginia, he was having seizures. Luckily, he got over his problem quickly and had a wonderful time going in and out of the doggie door at her house. He found joy in everything.

Unfortunately he went into renal failure at the age of 6 and was never able to recover in spite of all of the medical interventions that he received. It is very hard to  give up on a 6.5 year old.

Rest in peace my sweet boy. I think about your quirks daily.  You are sadly missed. Take good care of your siblings, aunt, and mom.


Tiffany Sue was the last of the puppies that Drew gave birth to in 1999. She had difficulty walking as a pup and had to be put in a wooden u shaped open ended box to learn how to walk. Her legs keep going out from under her. The box kept  her from slipping and over several weeks time, she eventually learned how to keep her legs straight.

She had a contentious relationship with her sister Lexie Lou, but was wonderful with the other Scotties, Corky, Drew, and Tory, in the house. That is until Sidney arrived. Sidney arrived in the beginning of June 2007 and Tiffany spent the next 7 months avoiding him. She spent most of the day under a bench and growled whenever Sid was in her vicinity. He never did anything to annoy her.

Tiffany, like most Scotties, had to put everything into her mouth. This caused her demise. We were walking her one day and she picked up something from the ground. I couldn’t pry her mouth open fast enough to remove the object. Despite wonderful vet care and an operation, she could not be saved.

Rest in Peace sweet girl. I hope that you are playing nicely with your sister and others over the bridge. You will always be remembered.