I  got my Fitbit on December 7, 2015.  My first report told me that I was underachieving for the year. My year was approximately 15 days.

This year I got my yearly report from Fitbit. The bottom says to make 2017 better.. I am trying to imagine how I can possibly make it better. I live by the No Excuses rule. I go out walking every day. I don’t use heat, cold, rain, wind or night  as an excuse to not walk. People tell me that it is too hot in the Florida heat or it is too cold when we have our 2 days of winter. It gets dark about 5:45PM. I go out walking after dark. Aren’t you afraid of walking at night?  Why should I be? If you are looking for excuses, there are plenty around. My family has a history of heart disease and stroke on both sides of the family. I am doing something that neither side ever had done. I am taking care of myself. I  eat correctly and try to stay fit. I weigh less now than I did in 5th grade. . I don’t feel my age and I hope that other people will try to get out and move. I am not  going to try to make 2017 better intentionally.  If I do, it is all for the best. I will be happy to continue to put more miles on my shoes than on my car. By the way, the Scotties accompanied me on about 10 miles of the 3,974 miles. That is a generous figure.


6 years ago today, Shelby came to live with us. She had been put into Scottish Terrier Rescue of South Florida by her father. He decided that his girl friend and her sloppy habits were more important than this sweet little 10 month old girl. Sidney and I were the recipients of his decision.

Sidney had been mourning the loss of his companion Drew. He was moping around the house all of the time. Ir was really sad to see him so unhappy. I contacted Janet Skinner and she was able to find this sweetheart for us. It has been a match made in heaven since the day of her arrival. There wasn’t a getting used to period at all. They became best of friends from the moment of her arrival.

We are looking forward to many more years with our Shelby and her wonderful disposition.


While searching in my craft room, I came across this latch hook rug that I made in 1999. It is my own design and I made it while the puppies were very little.  I made the mistake of putting it on the floor and the little pups enjoyed pulling many of the threads out of the rug. After working so hard on it, I decided to put it into a safe place. I assume that most people are like me. Once something is put away safely, it will be years before it is remember again. It might have to go back into safety as Sophie still gets into things and destroys them. See  you in another few years  Scottie rug.


Eleven years ago, Lexie Lou lost her battle with lymphoma. It is an insidious disease that spread through her in spite of an aggressive round of chemotherapy. She had been groomed by me in October and we went to the vet in November when the vet noticed her swollen neck. I would have noticed it the month before, but there was no sign of it. Despite trying to keep her alive, she succumbed to cancer in a month and a half.

She was one of the litter that Drew gave birth to in 1999. Lexie Lou was a wonderful girl. She loved her mom, my daughter Michele and her first family in my house. She will always be remembered. Rest In Peace sweet girl.