In loving memory of our namesake CORKY, on the 10th anniversary of her leaving for the Rainbow Bridge. She was a rescue that came into my life a dew weeks after the death of my husband. She gave me a reason to get up each morning . She was my free rescue Scottie that wound up costing me over $1000 the first week  that I had her. She had heartworms, ear infections, urinary tract problems, and other assorted parasites that had to helped. The vet said that she was about 2 1/2 years old. She lived for 16.5 years and was the gold standard of the best of Scotties. She was friends with very dog and person that she met. I still think of her every day and I know that my thoughts of her will be there until I meet her again. Take good care of your siblings.  You were the peacemaker and I’m sure it will continue. RIP sweet Corky.001corky weinstein 001


Shelby and I went to the orthopedic vet this morning. She has exhibited very little improvement  since Saturday. The vet examined her leg and came to the conclusion that the CCL is torn and the best healing will occur with surgery.  Since she has been taking fish oil, the surgery cannot take place until she is at least 10 days free of the pills. It will be interesting to try and keep her from trying to do zoomies and jump up on the furniture. She has voluntarily gone into the x-pen. That has made it eas005ier on me. Don’t jump on that chair!


On our first walk of the day on Saturday, Shelby pulled up lame in the middle of a cross walk. She refused to walk. It was difficult to get her home. Sidney walks with her and he was not being cooperative. On getting her home, I went through her pads and checked her nails. There was no visible problem. I called the vet and we went in for an appointment. She was unable to put any weight on her rear left foot.

Our regular vet was not in the office and we met her new associate. He said that it appeared that Shelby had torn a ligament. He gave her pain meds and said that we should have a consult with an orthopedic doctor. He also said that she should stay off her feet.

This has been a challenge. Shelby and Sophie play Zoomies all day long. I’ve had to block her ability to get on and off of the furniture. This has not worked very well. I put up an e-pen to keep her in one place. She hasn’t been restrained since her first few days in the house. When I am home, she can roam. Sidney felt compassion for her and joined her in the open x-pen.

We are going to the ortho. doctor on Thursday. Results to follow.004005


Since moving to Florida in 1983, I have developed quite the green thumb. Usually my mango crop is very prolific. I have many trees on the property. only one was bought from a garden  store. The other mango trees came from pits of fallen mangoes. This year the crop was not as large as usual.  They are extremely tasty and the dogs love them . They will dance for mangoes.

The avocado tree was also from a pit. If I would have known that it would grow, I wouldn’t have thrown it into the front yard. It is next to the drive way and people feel that it is there for them to help themselves. I gladly share as the tree id full of avocados. I just don’t want people destroying the tree to get them.

The pineapple is another free fruit. If you take the top off and plant it, you can get a pineapple for every top. This is not a cash crop. The 4 inch pineapple took 3 years to grow. By the time I cut the top of it, there is a very small serving left.

The carambola (starfruit) is the only one that was on the tree. It is very disappointing to just get one fruit. I have a neighbor down on the next block that has a loaded tree. He never takes care of the property, but the tree is fully fruited. Go figure.

I didn’t take pictures of the macadamia nuts. They are impossible to open with a mallet, but the squirrels and birds seem to have no problem.

I’m hoping that the crops will be larger next year.




The library had a memory book day today. I usually do pictures of the dogs. I decided to make pages of some of the beautiful sunsets and scenery in Florida. It was nice for a change to do something different. The lady that runs the program gifted all of the regulars with their own memory albums. She has provided all of the supplies and she gives her knowledge at every class. It is a great program.003002


Yesterday, Michele and Rocky came for a visit. If you come for a visit, you can expect Shelby and Sophie to try to smother you with kisses. They will be in your lap or on your body. Sidney will be aloof for  a while and then he might grace you with a nose touch.  After a while, Sidney will start to growl and bark at you. You might be interfering in his meal time or just be getting on his nerves. Scotties have internal clocks that go off and tell them that they are missing something.

If you are a dog, the girls will give you tons of kisses. Sidney will circle you and try to keep you away from me.

This visit was no different until Sid went after Rocky for no reason. It was over in an instant and we did not know what caused the problem. Rocky hid under the breakfast room table and all was well. Sidney must be getting cranky in his old age.001002003