This handsome young dog sired Drew’s litter in 1999. He has a whole bunch of Championships before his name, but we called him Duncan. He was the proud father of Tiffany Sue, Lexie Lou, and Tory. The proud parents and the pups are now romping over the Rainbow Bridge


In the spirit of graduation time, I did a memory page of Drew’s many graduations from obedience school at the library recently. Drew was not the most well behaved little girl. She got along with Corky and a small select group of other dogs. She seemed to enjoy obedience school. It gave her exposure to both large and small dogs. Small dogs seemed to be more tolerable for her. Most of the dogs in obedience were larger dogs. We went to a  total of 4 times different sessions of obedience. Her teacher kept  saying that one more group of 8 classes would be helpful. Since she seemed to enjoy them , I kept enrolling her until she became a mother. At the end of each group of classes there was a test and a graduation ceremony. She did improve each time.


10 years ago, Sidney and his two brothers made a trip from West Virginia to Florida. They were going to their new homes. One was dropped off in Orlando and Sidney and his brother Rowdy came to Royal Palm Beach Florida. I have lost touch with the Orlando brother, but Rowdy lives about 4 miles away. We get together every once in a while and visit. We have gone to the dog park together. It got a little harder when Sophie came to live with us.  Rowdy also has a little sister. Lacey just turned 3 recently. Here is to many more Gotcha Days for the boys.


Corky and I, along with my friend Kathie Comerford and her dog Cornell, made a trip to Sarasota Florida to attend the Highland Games. It must have been 19 years ago. The dogs were dressed in native Scottish tartans. Corky was a little to wide for her kilt. The tams were adorable. Although it was a cold day for Florida, we had a great time


We wish all of our friends  a Happy Mother’s Day. This is one of the pages that I made in the Royal Palm Beach Library scrapbooking  program. Drew was a wonderful mother to her three puppies. They provided many happy moments in their years in the house.


I an a wonderful scrapbooking class at the local library today. I had found these pictures of Drew and myself in the pool. Drew was the only Florida Scottie to ever voluntarily go into the pool. Corky had fallen into the pool on the first day at the house. she never went in again. Drew did a “Once and Done” in the pool.  They would run around the pool and touch me on the nose when I swam laps. That was as close as they got.


As some of you may know, Rocky is my daughter Michele’s rescue Scottish Terrier. She adopted him from a shelter in Palm Beach County.  She was looking for another Scottie as her little girl  died from lymphoma several months before. After living with a Scottie, it is hard to be by yourself. She had read about the shelter having a Scottie and went to see him. As you can tell by the picture, Rocky does not have the typical Scottie look. It is a shame that he is unable to speak. It would be very interesting to hear how his misshaped jaw came to be. It might be genetic or the results of some kind of fight or abuse. He will drink a whole bowl of water and then throw it up. He gobbles his food. He might have been deprived of both food or water. He gas never gotten over these habits. He is also the most lovable boy.  He is sweet with dogs and people. Sidney gives him a hard time. Rocky will take the great circle rout to get to me. The girls do love him. He presented many challenges in the beginning, but he has grown into a wonderful companion. HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY SWEET BOY. This picture was taken after a haircut last weekend. Grandma loves you.