It is with great sadness that I am writing to tell all of our friends of the passing of our sweet boy Sidney- Corkscot Man of La Mancha. He fought a valiant fight against Transitional cell Carcinoma for the past 18 + months. It was hard to continue the blog after I found out how sick he was. The vet had given him about three months to live and I did my best to keep him going for much longer. I following the Facebook page of TCC and gleamed many insightful ideas to help with his care. People are so helpful when you share a common problem. My vet said that he was the longest surviving TCC patient in her practice. Last week, everything started to go downhill. He stopped eating on Tuesday evening and he started having accidents all day long.  There was a great deal of blood in his urine and it just seemed to come out of him when he stood up. He was sleeping continually and seemed to have very shallow breathing. It was tie to go to make a decision. My vet told me that it was time. i did not want my boy to suffer. He had a very peaceful passing. It was difficult to come home without him. The girls are stilling looking for him. They  checkout every bush that he used for pee mail.Until we meet again. Please know that you were loved.

Piper’s Valentine to Sophie

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess and Lucy

This Valentine note is for my girl Sophie.

Sophie, you can see I am wearing my new hoodie for you, sweetheart. There are lots of hearts all around me to show you how I feel.  You are still my one and only and the best girl I know in Blogville.

With love from your guy, Piper.

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We wish all of our friends a Merry Christmas. We hope that you get to enjoy all of your presents and don’t overeat all of the goodies. Sidney and Shelby send big smiles to all. Sophie was busy doing zoomies. Shelby was happy to wear the elf hat.026

December 12. 1992

Gotcha Day for Corky. I found an ad in the local paper for a lost Scottie. I had just lost my husband the month before and the house was very lonely. I called the lady that placed the ad to find the owner and said that I would be willing to adopt the little girl if the owner was not found. I received a call a day later saying that no one had responded and it was going to be very cold that night. She had kept the Scottie outside. I was at her house within 25 minutes and Cory became part of the household.

She went to the vet the next day and she had just about every ailment possible. Everything was addressed and she lived a long and happy life with me and her Scottie siblings.


We had belated birthday dinner for our people brother this evening. The bribery used to get this semi group photograph was cake and whipped cream. It was not so successful, but it is the best out of 10. Rocky in the background, Sidney, Shelby, and Sophie


I  always say that Sophie is a slow to no learner. After 3 years, she barely responds to her name, doesn’t follow directions, and believes in the art of destruction. Yesterday she proved me wrong on one count. I walk Sophie separately from the biggies. She pulls constantly and i have a real fear of tripping. The biggies have a real relationship with my mailman. He always seems to pass by the house when I am out with the oldsters. Her always has as treat for them. I think that he was unaware of Sophie, because he never gave me a treat for her. The last two times I was out with just Sophie and he stopped to give a treat. he asked ,”where is the other one?” I said that there were three Scotties and this was the problem child that had to be walked separately. He gave Sophie a treat and he provided one each for Sid and Shelby. Last night Sophie saw the mail truck coming up the street and started barking. She had made the connection between the truck and a treat. I was a proud momma. I just have to gt the mailman to come over and do more training with her.