001It was two years ago that Sophie came to us from Jacksonville Florida. her breeder, Ruthye Silver, told me that she was a sweet quiet little girl. She said that the other female was more outgoing and I felt that a quiet pup would be a better fit for us. I laughingly tell Ruthye that she must have done a bait and switch  on me. Sophie was far from the mellow girl. She has been the pot stirrer in the house. She is incapable of staying in one place for any length of time. Zoomies are the norm. She has banged her head numerous times in her runs around the house. Nothing is off limits in her mouth. I doubt that she knows her name. She will answer to Troublemaker more than Sophie. If you are need of kisses, she is the first one to arrive to give them to you. We  are looking forward to many more years with her and we hope that she will mature at some point. I’m not holding my breath on that one.


After listening to days of news of the potential of Hurricane Matthew, we can say that it is finally over and very overrated for South Florida. The light went out for approximately 1 minute at 6PM and that was the end of our power outage. The winds today were far worse than anything yesterday.

It was not an easy night for Sidney. He is most affected by the change in atomspheric pressure of all of the dogs. He was terrified of going out last night. It was not raining, but he sensed something. Shelby refused to spend any time outside last night. I gave up when it became apparent that I was wasting my time.

Luckily I had gotten impact windows last year. I only had to shutter the sliders on the patio. I also braced the garage door.

I hope that everyone had an easy time of this weather event. 013008

Momma needs some sympathy

Shelby has been getting all of the sympathy in the house lately. Klutzy  mommy did herself in this afternoon. These are her lovely knees after falling on the cement. It was caused by someone illegally parking over the sidewalk and not seeing the cement pavers that were hidden under the front of the car. I can blame my lousy typing on the in both wrists.001002

Surgery- Part 2

We survived the removal of the cast last week. On the way home, Shelby started to eat her paw. I knew that I had to do something about this and I covered her paw with a sock. That did not help. Another two socks and a bandage followed. When I called the vet, they said that I should not have taken off the collar of shame. I had not removed it. The next thing was to add another collar of shame. The week was spent with all of this stuff on her.

We went for stitch removal today. I was told that I did a wonderful job or keeping everything neat and clean. They laughed at all of Shelby’s extras. It was the extras that saved the day.

She is on restricted movement until her next visit in 6 weeks. This is not the easiest thing to do. I guess that she will spent the next weeks in the x-pen. I would never want to go through this again. She was not the best patient. She bit my hand every time I gave her meds. She refused to go potty. She wanted to run when she was outside. Here’s hoping that the next 6 weeks will be easier.001002005


We have been  having issues here and I didn’t get to follow the instructions for the Treat Hop For Lexi. We hope that you will accept our picture on the subject. If the dogs were in the picture, there would be no treats. Shelby could not take part anyway.007


Shelby had her surgery yesterday. She had to have a repair for her torn ligament and they also found that the meniscus was torn. This is the first time that she has not been home with me for the night. Sidney and Sophie spent a good part of yesterday sitting in Shelby’s favorite place. It was so sad to see them looking for her.

I picked her up this afternoon and she looked so sad. She has a cast on her leg and will have to keep it on for a week. After that, she will have it removed and a week later the stitches will be removed. She will need three months to recover the total use of her leg. She will have to remain quiet and not use it for running and jumping. This is going to be a challenge. The cast will have to stay dry. This is almost an impossibility in Florida. The ground is wet almost every night and early morning. I’m keeping my hopes up for a successful recovery. Shelby and her cone of shame that must remain on for the next two weeks.016017015


Trying to keep Shelby quiet has been very difficult to say the least. When I go out, I have been leaving her in an x-pen so that she doesn’t try to jump up on any furniture or run around with her siblings. Sidney has been  keeping her company in pen when she voluntarily goes into it. Tonight, I wanted to go out for my nightly walk and Sidney did not want to leave the pen without Shelby. I tied the ends of the of the pen and left for my walk. On a arrival home, I was greeted by Shelby and Sidney. The ends of the pen were still tied together. I had left Sophie in her crate. She is the only untrustworthy one in the group. I am clueless. How did they get out???005