The Scotties do not have a real appreciation for this holiday. The three of them are in various states of fear. The loud noises from firecrackers has been going off for days. It is illegal in Florida, but there is always a way to get around something. you have yo promise that the fireworks will be used to keep birds from destroying crops. I don’t know much about birds, but I don’t think that they are busy looking for crops at late hours of the night. Composure, Thundershirts, and Xanax are part of the remedies for the shaking. In most cases they do not work. The last walk of the night will be even briefer than usual. Sophie is crawling out of the house and urinating 2 steps from the door. She is worse than Sidney. Shelby picks her cues up from the other two. It will be a long night.


7 thoughts on “4TH OF JULY WISHES

  1. sue ellen

    Yes…the 4th of July is NOT our scotties favorite either…thunder coats( and it is so hot in Florida) and air conditioning. A long night ahead here also.

  2. Amy

    TN is one of the most popular states for fireworks. Our surrounding community has a Neighborhood website covering quite and area of our northeastern county. This year people have been politely asking for fireworks to stop early because of pets and, what I think really worked, is all the folks with PSTD. There’s been some, but between that and all the rain (which is probably the real reason) all noise has stopped by around 10.

    1. corkscot Post author

      My rain dance did not work this year. It really would not have mattered. The booming started again tonight. I imagine there will be another week of this nonsense. Our village has a wonder firework display every year. All of the activities are free. I see plenty of specialty plates for veterans. PTSD doesn’t seem to impress people any more than frightening pets.

  3. Murphy and Stanley

    Me and Stanley don’t worry too much about fireworks and that is a good thing cuz we have another howliday on the 24th. For both howlidays fireworks are legal not only on the Howliday but also 3 days before and after! We wish they were illegal every day (and it should be enforced) cuz so many doggies suffer!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy and Stanley


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