In the spirit of graduation time, I did a memory page of Drew’s many graduations from obedience school at the library recently. Drew was not the most well behaved little girl. She got along with Corky and a small select group of other dogs. She seemed to enjoy obedience school. It gave her exposure to both large and small dogs. Small dogs seemed to be more tolerable for her. Most of the dogs in obedience were larger dogs. We went to a  total of 4 times different sessions of obedience. Her teacher kept  saying that one more group of 8 classes would be helpful. Since she seemed to enjoy them , I kept enrolling her until she became a mother. At the end of each group of classes there was a test and a graduation ceremony. She did improve each time.



    1. corkscot Post author

      The school had caps for all of the students. I didn’t know about the ceremony the first time that we took the class and didn’t get pictures. These are from the second and fouth classes. The pictures from the third graduation were distorted.


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