It is hard to believe that Corky has been gone for 11 years. She is the one Scottie that will always be in my thoughts. She was found wandering the streets in a nearby town. The lady that found her could not keep her and placed an ad in the newspaper looking for her owner. I had been looking in the paper for a probate notice for my husband and I saw the ad. I called the woman and I adopted Corky the next day. My free dog cost me over a thousand dollars in the first week. She had ever kind of parasite, heartworms, a urinary tract infections, and an ear infection. She also had the biggest heart, the most loving disposition, and the greatest personality. She never met an animal or a person that she did not like.

 I had her for 14.5 years. The vet felt that she was 2 at the time of her rescue. She was a wonderful aunt to the puppies and a great sister to Drew and my two legged children. She lived the longest of all of my Scotties. She is greatly missed.  RIP my sweet girl.corky weinstein 001



    1. corkscot Post author

      There were two Corkys’. The first was the NYC one. She was wonderful too. I never thought that I would have another dog after she died. It took so much out of me. When I adopted the second Scottie 18 years later, I knew that I would always call her Corky, so why not just name her Corky? The rest is history.

  1. Amy

    You were a savior to Corky, and in return she was a joy and blessing to you many times over in the 14.5 years she continued to live.

    1. corkscot Post author

      She was my savior too. It was very lonely after my husband died and the kids were not at the house. She gave me a reason to get going very morning.


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