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Sidney is a black brindle Scottie out of the Hiwood Kennel. He is 6+ years old. Shelby is a rescue wheaten colored Scottie . She is 3+ years old. They are Scotties number 10 and 11 for mom Susan. Corkscot is named for the first Scottie in the family- Corky. There have been two Corky's since 1968. They both were black brindles. The first was from a pet store(not a good idea) and the second was a rescue. They both had wonderful personalities and never met a person or animal that they did not like. Sophie is our newest addition. We got her from Deer Park Scottish Terriers and she is a descendant of Peggy Sue- one of the top Scotties of all times.

Holiday card list-please repost

I agree that email if the best way to use the holiday card list. Our mail is Our blog is Our snail mail address is Weinstein 185 Ponce De Leon St, Royal Palm Beach Fl 33411. Our anipals are Sidney, Shelby, and Sophie


It’s that time of year and the Blogville Holiday list is going live! To get yourself on the list  (and receive the entire list by email) please use the following template:

Blog name-

Blog url-

Email address-

Snail mail address-

Anipals (name, type)

For example:

Blog name-Kyla Scott



Snail mail address-
Kyla Scott

44121 N 16th Street

New River, AZ 85087-0971


Anipals (name, type)
Kaci (dog)
Kali (dog)
Kismet (parrot)
Please have these in by November 17
Send them in an email to
The subject is important
If you don’t specify, your email will get lost. For example, I only want email cards because I don’t want a cluttered mail box and also realize that the expense (especially for international) is considerable and I can save a few trees and I don’t want to lose places to perch. Also…

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Although the Scotties are not fans of Halloween, they wish all of their friends a happy day. Here are two of our favorite redone pictures of the Scotties in costumes. They were made into tiles in one of the classes available at our local library. Sophie can’t sit still long enough to get a decent picture with her siblings.


Has anyone had any experience with this disease? Sidney was diagnosed this afternoon. He has a bunch of tumors in his bladder. We thought that he kept getting UTI’s, but it was something else. The doctor did not recommend surgery because of the size and numbers of the tumors. He does not act sick. He just has blood in his urine.


Three years ago today, a three month old bundle of joy named Sophie came to live in our household. She was supposed to be the quiet one of the litter and the breeder warned me to watch the older dogs and make sure that they did not bother her. Boy did she have it wrong. Sophie has made it a career to keep Sidney and Shelby on their feet. She is constantly hassling them. She takes away all toys and is a general pain in the butt. She is also the giver of the most kisses ever. I guess that it equalizes out in the end. Here’s looking forward to many more years of happiness and joy.


It has been a long summer. Thankfully the hurricane did little damage to the house. It did take a lot out of the dogs.  I was very spastic and put up shutters on top of the hurricane windows. It was not fun to be alone in the house with three nervous dogs. They did not want to be walked on the patio and I didn’t want to walk out in 90+ miles an hour wind and rain. After a whole day, I finally had to give in. They were not happy and Shelby refused to relieve herself at all. The other 2 finally urinated and made a hasty retreat to the door. I was soaked by the time that I got them into the house.

They paid for their lack of pottying by having colitis and urinary tract infections in Sid’s case.  It took two rounds of drugs to get him better.

We were lucky to have only minor tree damage. I found 5 shingles in my yard. I have not found where they were located. It is possible that they belong to a neighbor. There were no leaks in the ceiling. Almost all of the people that had fences, found them uprooted and broken.  Some massive trees were dislodged and their roots  were standing way up in the yard. They are finally picking up the debris from the vegetation. All of the broken fences are still on the ground.  The picture is of a neighbors large downed tree and the impressive set of roots that are standing up in the air.




It is hard to believe that Corky has been gone for 11 years. She is the one Scottie that will always be in my thoughts. She was found wandering the streets in a nearby town. The lady that found her could not keep her and placed an ad in the newspaper looking for her owner. I had been looking in the paper for a probate notice for my husband and I saw the ad. I called the woman and I adopted Corky the next day. My free dog cost me over a thousand dollars in the first week. She had ever kind of parasite, heartworms, a urinary tract infections, and an ear infection. She also had the biggest heart, the most loving disposition, and the greatest personality. She never met an animal or a person that she did not like.

 I had her for 14.5 years. The vet felt that she was 2 at the time of her rescue. She was a wonderful aunt to the puppies and a great sister to Drew and my two legged children. She lived the longest of all of my Scotties. She is greatly missed.  RIP my sweet girl.corky weinstein 001