10 years ago, Sidney and his two brothers made a trip from West Virginia to Florida. They were going to their new homes. One was dropped off in Orlando and Sidney and his brother Rowdy came to Royal Palm Beach Florida. I have lost touch with the Orlando brother, but Rowdy lives about 4 miles away. We get together every once in a while and visit. We have gone to the dog park together. It got a little harder when Sophie came to live with us.  Rowdy also has a little sister. Lacey just turned 3 recently. Here is to many more Gotcha Days for the boys.


14 thoughts on “HAPPY GOTCHA DAY

      1. Amy

        Wow, you are a true Scottie lover. I wish I had known the joy of schnauzers earlier in my life. Jeff has converted, and it warms my heart to hear him insist that we will (emphatically said) get another schnauzer.

      2. corkscot Post author

        Scotties were the first breed that I ever went near. I was terrified as a child and got to meet a Scottie while I was pregnant with my son. The dog totally ignored me and I knew that I had to get over my fear. I borrowed her to to it. I was hooked.

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