Royal Palm Beach Florida

Bio: Sidney is a black brindle Scottie out of the Hiwood Kennel. He is 6+ years old. Shelby is a rescue wheaten colored Scottie . She is 3+ years old. They are Scotties number 10 and 11 for mom Susan. Corkscot is named for the first Scottie in the family- Corky. There have been two Corky's since 1968. They both were black brindles. The first was from a pet store(not a good idea) and the second was a rescue. They both had wonderful personalities and never met a person or animal that they did not like. Sophie is our newest addition. We got her from Deer Park Scottish Terriers and she is a descendant of Peggy Sue- one of the top Scotties of all times.

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  1. Sue Ellen

    So glad to have found your page !!! Have been a clan mom since 1979. From Washington state , now residing in Alabama with Scotties # 5&6. Looking forward to reading your posts. Sue Ellen…… Lucy & Mac are our furry kids.

  2. Susan Weinstein and her Scotties, Sidney and Shelby.

    We are so glad that you found us. Mom has had Scotties find 1968. She loves the breed and we are number 10 and 11.

    1. corkscot Post author

      Everyone becomes a family member and you really feel for a loss. It is very hard to face and we are more humane with animals than we are with people. He can make the choice to end the misery of an animal. Sometimes, we keep them alive more for ourselves than for them. Scotties are very stoic. When they start to shiver and refuse to eat, the end is near. Having had to make this decision to many times. I feel compassion for any owner. The Scots are my family. We had to put Lexie to sleep during the holiday season several years ago. It devastated my daughter, but the poor lass could not function any loner. I have a memorial candle that will be lit for Kyla because she is part of the family. RIP sweet girl.


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