December 12. 1992

Gotcha Day for Corky. I found an ad in the local paper for a lost Scottie. I had just lost my husband the month before and the house was very lonely. I called the lady that placed the ad to find the owner and said that I would be willing to adopt the little girl if the owner was not found. I received a call a day later saying that no one had responded and it was going to be very cold that night. She had kept the Scottie outside. I was at her house within 25 minutes and Cory became part of the household.

She went to the vet the next day and she had just about every ailment possible. Everything was addressed and she lived a long and happy life with me and her Scottie siblings.


7 thoughts on “December 12. 1992

    1. corkscot Post author

      the first hubby could have been traded for a rock and i woulds have come out ahead in the deal. Number 2 was the best and sweet man ever. He spoiled me for anyone else.


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