I  always say that Sophie is a slow to no learner. After 3 years, she barely responds to her name, doesn’t follow directions, and believes in the art of destruction. Yesterday she proved me wrong on one count. I walk Sophie separately from the biggies. She pulls constantly and i have a real fear of tripping. The biggies have a real relationship with my mailman. He always seems to pass by the house when I am out with the oldsters. Her always has as treat for them. I think that he was unaware of Sophie, because he never gave me a treat for her. The last two times I was out with just Sophie and he stopped to give a treat. he asked ,”where is the other one?” I said that there were three Scotties and this was the problem child that had to be walked separately. He gave Sophie a treat and he provided one each for Sid and Shelby. Last night Sophie saw the mail truck coming up the street and started barking. She had made the connection between the truck and a treat. I was a proud momma. I just have to gt the mailman to come over and do more training with her.


8 thoughts on “AN APOLOGY TO SOPHIE

  1. rubytheairedale

    Nice! I bark at all the delivery peeps! though….they never gives me treaties…hmph!
    I thinks I wants your mail peep!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: don’t worry Soph, I’m a ‘problem child’ too….☺

  2. corkscot Post author

    they are rarely out walking when the UPS or Fedex people drive by the house. Our mailman is very special. He also feeds all of the stray cats in the area.


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