As some of you may know, Rocky is my daughter Michele’s rescue Scottish Terrier. She adopted him from a shelter in Palm Beach County.  She was looking for another Scottie as her little girl  died from lymphoma several months before. After living with a Scottie, it is hard to be by yourself. She had read about the shelter having a Scottie and went to see him. As you can tell by the picture, Rocky does not have the typical Scottie look. It is a shame that he is unable to speak. It would be very interesting to hear how his misshaped jaw came to be. It might be genetic or the results of some kind of fight or abuse. He will drink a whole bowl of water and then throw it up. He gobbles his food. He might have been deprived of both food or water. He gas never gotten over these habits. He is also the most lovable boy.  He is sweet with dogs and people. Sidney gives him a hard time. Rocky will take the great circle rout to get to me. The girls do love him. He presented many challenges in the beginning, but he has grown into a wonderful companion. HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY SWEET BOY. This picture was taken after a haircut last weekend. Grandma loves you.


10 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROCKY

  1. Kismet

    Isn’t it amazing that the way that rescues who have been knocked around become great friends. They’re grateful for the wonderful new situation.


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