Today is Shelby’s 7th birthday. She came to the house when she was 10 months old and has been a wonderful companion since the moment of her arrival. She is proof that rescues make wonderful pets. Her integration into the house took all of 10 minutes. Sidney fell in love with her immediately. He had been mourning the loss of Drew  for 3 months and his personality  improved as soon as Shelby arrived.

This year has been tough for her. She lost 5 teeth in a game of tug of war with her sister Sophie and she tore her CCL and had to have surgery to repair the tear. She is still as feisty as ever. Here’s to a long and happy life.


18 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHELBY!

  1. Amy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHELBY! May you have a long and happy life. Piper asked me to tell you he wants to go out with you again, but his heart has worsened and he can’t take too much excitement. Love, Amy and Lucy

    1. corkscot Post author

      Tell Piper that she is used to being around heart patients. Rocky was diagnosed with heart disease recently. Sidney was diagnosed last year. We will keep him in our prayers.

      1. Amy

        Thank you. And in that case, Piper wants to know if Shelby will go to the Beach Party with him at the end of April? He said he will bring a beach umbrella so she doesn’t get sunburned on her beautiful fair skin.

  2. rubytheairedale

    Oh gurl, you look FABulous! I hopes you have a most FABulous Burthday!!!! I don’t knows how you stayed still durin’ your recovery….your Moms really ROCKS!
    Sendin’ you lots of loves and margaritas!!
    Ruby ♥

    1. corkscot Post author

      Thank you Ruby. Mom always has problems when she tries to comment on your posts. One night she had to change her password 6 times to try and reply using Google- gmail. She finally gave up. We always read your posts.

  3. bentley2

    A very Happy Barkday Shelby. You do not look a day over 1. May you have many more happy days in your future.


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