Tiffany Sue was the last of the puppies that Drew gave birth to in 1999. She had difficulty walking as a pup and had to be put in a wooden u shaped open ended box to learn how to walk. Her legs keep going out from under her. The box kept  her from slipping and over several weeks time, she eventually learned how to keep her legs straight.

She had a contentious relationship with her sister Lexie Lou, but was wonderful with the other Scotties, Corky, Drew, and Tory, in the house. That is until Sidney arrived. Sidney arrived in the beginning of June 2007 and Tiffany spent the next 7 months avoiding him. She spent most of the day under a bench and growled whenever Sid was in her vicinity. He never did anything to annoy her.

Tiffany, like most Scotties, had to put everything into her mouth. This caused her demise. We were walking her one day and she picked up something from the ground. I couldn’t pry her mouth open fast enough to remove the object. Despite wonderful vet care and an operation, she could not be saved.

Rest in Peace sweet girl. I hope that you are playing nicely with your sister and others over the bridge. You will always be remembered.



    1. corkscot Post author

      I have at least one dog tag from each of the dogs in my car. They are my guardian angels. You need as much help as possible with everyone doing everything but driving while in their cars.

  1. Kismet

    When Kaci parades around with a toy in her mouth, it means she’s hungry. Maybe Tiff was hungry but then again, most Scots are perpetually hungry.


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