Although Shelby has had freedom for over a week, she is still going right back into her pen after every walk. The first day it took her overran hour to wander out of the pen. The arrival of the siblings in the pen must have given her the clue that the pen was unlocked. She must have decided that three is a crowd and she left. I’m hoping that she will get over the pen experience and realize that she does have freedom. Sophie is happy to have her partner in crime back on the job. Sidney has not been as much fun since Shelby’s injury. He finds Sophie a little too much to handle.005006007008


12 thoughts on “STOCKHOLM SYNDROME

    1. corkscot Post author

      In Stockholm Syndrome, the prisoners just want to please their captors. The girl was telling the truth to her beau, but I want her to have more freedom. The pen is open, as are all of the crates. Sid uses them to get away from the girls.


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