It is hard to believe that it has been three months since Shelby’s surgery. It seems more like three years. When we came back from our morning walk, I just released the leash and waited to see what would happen. Shelby walked right over to the x-pen and got into it. I did not latch the door. I wanted to see what her reaction would be. It took over an hour before Sid went into the pen to join her. The realization must have hit her. The door was open. She tentatively made her way out of the pen. The same thing happened after the next walk. She went right back into the pen and sat there. It didn’t take her as long to join her siblings in the family room. She has been very good today. I have not seen her try to jump up on anything. Jumping would increase the chance of re-injuring the CCL and the meniscus. Hopefully we are back to normal. Although hopeful and Scotties are not always in the same sentence.012022


11 thoughts on “FREEDOM DAY

  1. Amy

    Piper has been waiting for you to finish recovering, Shelby, so he can take you on strolls on a country lane, and generally have an enjoyable time on your next date. It’s coming up soon!


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