It has been 6 years since my first Wheaten colored Scottish Terrier, Drew, Hiwood Golden Sunshine Girl crossed the Rainbow bridge to join her sister Corky. Drew was a very special little girl. Her breeder Betty Lou Breese, had removed her from her first home because the owner’s little boy was abusing her. She came to Florida on a plane all by herself at the age of 10 months. The first thing that she did  was give me a kiss when I opened the travel crate. That was the last voluntary kiss that I ever got from her. I would occasionally put peanut butter on my face so that I could get a kiss from her.

She was a wonderful mother to her three children, Tiffany Sue, Tory, and Lexie Lou. Corky was her faithful companion. The two girls only had one disagreement. That was on the first day. Drew was the leader and Corky was happy to be a follower. I  think of and miss her every day. Rest in hiwood-golden-sunshine-girl-001peace sweet girl.


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