The girls had their annual visit to the vet on Friday. It was hard to leave Sidney home, but it would have been impossible with all three. It was bad enough with the girls. Shelby  still has to be careful with the surgical repair of her leg. That means no running or jumping. I put Sophie in a soft crate with Shelby in the back seat of the wagon. The ride is only about 7 minutes. Sophie seems to make everything seem so much longer. It was not easy to drag the crate with Sophie and Shelby on her leash into the clinic. Sophie refused to get out of the crate for the longest time. Shelby was not much more compliant. All was well with the two of them. I don’t think that they weighed Sophie. I was really interested in knowing her weight. She seems so much smaller than the biggies.Next week Shelby goes back to the orthopedic doctor  for her leg. Sidney was very happy to see his two sisters return home safely. We see that our friends Kaci and Kali went to the vet also.  It is good that there are fouer healthy dogs in Blogsville.002003004


8 thoughts on “VISIT TO THE VET

  1. Amy

    Yes, as others have said, there has been way too much sickness and death this year. I’ll bet Sidney is next on the wellness visit list!

      1. Amy

        Piper also has a heart murmur and is now on 2 meds for it. Plus the insulin for diabetes. I hate giving him the shot twice a day when he stays with us, but sometimes you just have to suck it up and do what is necessary.

    1. corkscot Post author

      Sophie is so afraid of everything that she voluntarily spends a lot of time in her crate. She did walk out of her collar and a harness in the last week. Something spooked her on a potty walk and she was running for the house.


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