001It was two years ago that Sophie came to us from Jacksonville Florida. her breeder, Ruthye Silver, told me that she was a sweet quiet little girl. She said that the other female was more outgoing and I felt that a quiet pup would be a better fit for us. I laughingly tell Ruthye that she must have done a bait and switch  on me. Sophie was far from the mellow girl. She has been the pot stirrer in the house. She is incapable of staying in one place for any length of time. Zoomies are the norm. She has banged her head numerous times in her runs around the house. Nothing is off limits in her mouth. I doubt that she knows her name. She will answer to Troublemaker more than Sophie. If you are need of kisses, she is the first one to arrive to give them to you. We  are looking forward to many more years with her and we hope that she will mature at some point. I’m not holding my breath on that one.



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