Momma needs some sympathy

Shelby has been getting all of the sympathy in the house lately. Klutzy  mommy did herself in this afternoon. These are her lovely knees after falling on the cement. It was caused by someone illegally parking over the sidewalk and not seeing the cement pavers that were hidden under the front of the car. I can blame my lousy typing on the in both wrists.001002


16 thoughts on “Momma needs some sympathy

  1. Amy Sandy

    That looks so painful. Use lots of antibiotic ointment to help keep infection away. If Sophie tries to give you a pill for it, be sure to bite her paw! (Turn about is fair play, as they say.)

  2. bentley2

    Wow, that looks way bad. Sorry for you knees and wrist. Sending healing prayers to both of you. Hope you are back to yourself soon.
    Bentley and Mom

  3. corkscot Post author

    If cars were parked legally, it would not have occurred. Thanks for your support! I am feeling much better. The osteoporosis medicine must be working.


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