Surgery- Part 2

We survived the removal of the cast last week. On the way home, Shelby started to eat her paw. I knew that I had to do something about this and I covered her paw with a sock. That did not help. Another two socks and a bandage followed. When I called the vet, they said that I should not have taken off the collar of shame. I had not removed it. The next thing was to add another collar of shame. The week was spent with all of this stuff on her.

We went for stitch removal today. I was told that I did a wonderful job or keeping everything neat and clean. They laughed at all of Shelby’s extras. It was the extras that saved the day.

She is on restricted movement until her next visit in 6 weeks. This is not the easiest thing to do. I guess that she will spent the next weeks in the x-pen. I would never want to go through this again. She was not the best patient. She bit my hand every time I gave her meds. She refused to go potty. She wanted to run when she was outside. Here’s hoping that the next 6 weeks will be easier.001002005


16 thoughts on “Surgery- Part 2

  1. sue ellen

    Yep…typical ‘KID’ ! She doesn’t know how to be ‘on the mend’ . Glad she feels good enough to be a busy bee. If she was laying around we would all be concerned. You will be a busy ‘momma’ for awhile =D

  2. Amy Sandy

    It sounds like you BARELY survived the removal of the cast last week. 6 more weeks of restrictions. Ugh! And the pills. guessing Shelby won’t take them with cheese. Maybe a pill shooter? Best wishes and prayers for you both.

    1. corkscot Post author

      I tried everything to get her to take the pills. Nothing could camouflage the smell of it. The pill shooter did not work. I got the antibiotic down, but not the pain meds. She doesn’t need anything anymore.


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