In loving memory of our namesake CORKY, on the 10th anniversary of her leaving for the Rainbow Bridge. She was a rescue that came into my life a dew weeks after the death of my husband. She gave me a reason to get up each morning . She was my free rescue Scottie that wound up costing me over $1000 the first week  that I had her. She had heartworms, ear infections, urinary tract problems, and other assorted parasites that had to helped. The vet said that she was about 2 1/2 years old. She lived for 16.5 years and was the gold standard of the best of Scotties. She was friends with very dog and person that she met. I still think of her every day and I know that my thoughts of her will be there until I meet her again. Take good care of your siblings.  You were the peacemaker and I’m sure it will continue. RIP sweet Corky.001corky weinstein 001


7 thoughts on “THE MATRIARCH

    1. corkscot Post author

      I had a New York Corky and a Florida Corky. I could swear that one was the reincarnation of the other. The NY one only lasted 10 years. They were both the essence of the best.

  1. corkscot Post author

    I would have spent all of my money on her. In the end, she was on meds for Cushings, liver failure, and cognitive dysfunction. She was worth it.


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