Shelby and I went to the orthopedic vet this morning. She has exhibited very little improvement  since Saturday. The vet examined her leg and came to the conclusion that the CCL is torn and the best healing will occur with surgery.  Since she has been taking fish oil, the surgery cannot take place until she is at least 10 days free of the pills. It will be interesting to try and keep her from trying to do zoomies and jump up on the furniture. She has voluntarily gone into the x-pen. That has made it eas005ier on me. Don’t jump on that chair!


19 thoughts on “AFTERMATH

  1. rubytheairedale

    Oh noes. Wells, just thinks of the not doin’ the zoomies and jumpin’ on stuffs and practice for post-op. No funs, butts just thinks when you’re all healed!!! Then zoomies and jumpin’ to your furry hearts content! Sendin’ tons of POTP and AireZens and …patience…hehehe
    Ruby ♥

  2. lexitheschnauzer

    Mom hit “Like” before I could stop her. I think that finger has a nervous twitch. No, we don’t like this news at all. Shelby, we hope real hard you get all fixed up and can run and jump just like before this happened. Lots of love from another terrorer.

  3. sue ellen

    sigh…sounds like surgery is the answer. …hope all goes well and by ‘winter’ all should be better,♥


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