Yesterday, Michele and Rocky came for a visit. If you come for a visit, you can expect Shelby and Sophie to try to smother you with kisses. They will be in your lap or on your body. Sidney will be aloof for  a while and then he might grace you with a nose touch.  After a while, Sidney will start to growl and bark at you. You might be interfering in his meal time or just be getting on his nerves. Scotties have internal clocks that go off and tell them that they are missing something.

If you are a dog, the girls will give you tons of kisses. Sidney will circle you and try to keep you away from me.

This visit was no different until Sid went after Rocky for no reason. It was over in an instant and we did not know what caused the problem. Rocky hid under the breakfast room table and all was well. Sidney must be getting cranky in his old age.001002003


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