002003We are back. I have always said that new and improved was a whole bunch of junk. Sometimes you just have to leave well enough alone.

I’ve had several mentors since starting the blog and it is time to pay tribute to those great helpers

Indy and Lucy’s mom gave the impetus to go back to Windows 7. She even send me directions on Facebook. Thanks Trisha. You have been very helpful over the years and I appreciate all of your effort.

Thanks to the wonderful mom of Kismet, Kali, Kaci, and the wonderful Kyla for walking and talking me through getting the blog set up. She had to deal with a computer illiterate person and had a lot of patience.

Lexi the Schnauzer’s mom is always ready with help and advice.

Ranger and his parents have been great with enhancing photos and making the kids look great.

If I missed anyone, I am very sorry. Three nights of little sleep have taken their toll on my brain.  I hope that everyone was blown up all of their firecrackers and they will take pity on all of the animals in the community.

I am getting ready to write about our experience with “Composure”001 tomorrow.





9 thoughts on “ODE TO WINDOWS 7

  1. sue ellen....Lucy & Mac scotty dogs..

    We also are glad the fireworks are ‘about’ done ~~~ hate ’em !
    ArOoO♪ Lucy & Mac scotty dogs

    1. corkscot Post author

      They are never done in Florida. It starts the week before a holiday and continues through the next week.I have been her 33 years and I’m hoping this year will be different.


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