It was time for Sidney and Rocky top have their adult yearly examination at the vet. Sid was so afraid that he only growled at Rocky one time. He did not get jealous when Rocky sat next to me.

Has anyone had any experience with heart murmurs? Sidney was diagnosed with this problem. They took three x-rays of his chest and put him on medicine for the murmur. We will get the results of the blood work tomorrow. Rocky is in pictures 1,24,ans 5. Sid spend most of the time hiding under the bench. He is in 3,6, and7.001002003004005006007


10 thoughts on “VISIT TO THE VET

  1. corkscot Post author

    Thanks for the info. It was strange because he was coughing over a period of three hours Thursday and I asked myself why did you make the appointment for Friday? The appointment had been made over two weeks ago for a normal check up. i told my daughter that I hoped that I wouldn’t have to go on Thursday. Sid stopped the coughing after the brief time.

  2. lexitheschnauzer

    Yes, my cousin Piper the schnauzer has developed a heart murmur in the last couple of years. He is 12. He is on heart med every day. His Mom has a Walgreens prescription card so that it doesn’t cost much. She still worries about him a lot. Ask the dogtor what level his heart murmur is. Mom has had other experience with it too. But Piper seems to be doing well on his meds.

  3. corkscot Post author

    I think that she said that it was a level three. The meds were $26 for 100 pills. He is tasking two a day. I did notice a huge difference in the cost of Composure. They had recommended it for fireworks and thunder. They did not have a sample and I felt that $35 was a lot for something that might not work. I found it on Amazon for $14. I did order it from Amazon. I will report on it when I use it. The fireworks should be starting soon.

  4. Kaci

    One of my she peeps dog had a heart murmur and lived ten more years after diagnosis and passed over the bridge at 17 years old. Don’t ever give up hope. Sidney can do well since I am sure that the meds today are a lot better than 20 years ago! Kali and I send our best wishes for a LONG, LONG life for our beloved Sidney……

    1. corkscot Post author

      I feel that we got it in time to be helped by medicine. He is voluntarily taking the pill, which is a first for him. i don’t give up easily.


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