On June 4, 2007 a little bundle of joy arrived with his brother Rowdy from Berryville  Virginia with his two brothers. One was going to a home near Orlando. Sidney and Rowdy were coming to live here is Royal Palm Beach. The three puppies were driven here to Florida. Rowdy’s mom picked him up in my house. She was delighted with her little angel. I was delighted with Sidney. We do not live very far from Rowdy and we see him and his sister occasionally. They were tiny little boys when this picture was taken. I haven’t heard from the family of the other puppy in a while, but I’m sure that he is a wonderful as these two Hiwood Scotties. Thanks always to Betty Lou Breese for her wonderful  Scotties.001


6 thoughts on “GOTCHA DAY

  1. Glenna Jones

    Best day ever! Rowdy is a true blessing to my husband and I, and a great companion to his sister Lacey..Love Scotties!!


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