The Royal Palm Beach library had a memory page program today. It gave me a chance to go back through pictures and create memory pages of my little Scottie pups and them three years later on vacation. We  went back to the place to Martinsburg West Virginia to visit the seen of the crime aka the conception of the puppies in 2002. This was the last vacation that I took. Traveling with four dogs was the pits.We had a wonderful time with Betty Lou Breese, the owner of the sire of the litter.The four got to enjoy the ability to use a doggy door and have access  outside whenever they wanted to go out. The grounds of the house were massive and they enjoyed the peace and serenity of the setting.

The puppy pictures captured the essence of the weird threesome. They loved to hid under pillows and rugs. It was a great time.001002



    1. corkscot Post author

      It used to be called scrapbooking. The lady that holds the class donated all of the materials. There must be thousands of dollars of supplies that are available to us for free. I always thought that it was too expensive a hobby, but this makes it easy. She is going to have the class once a month.

    1. corkscot Post author

      I traveled by myself and I had to stop every two hours. It was not fun walking the m next to I-95 with all of the traffic zooming. The first trip was with two Scotties- Corky and Drew.

  1. Kismet

    Kyla was also a 2002 product. Knowing now but I didn’t know then, I would have gone to see her conception. I would’t need a passport to Mexico-I just fly over the border stuff.


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