The dental surgery took place yesterday morning. Originally the estimate was for $355.00. This was if everything was as it seemed. Of course that never happens. Two back teeth also had to come out as the nerves were exposed. The cost had gone up to $594.00. My little girl is worth every penny of the cost.

I picked her up at 3:30  and she was loopy. The other two were not happy that I had come home without her previously. Sophie did a lot of protesting. She refused to eat her lunch. On arrival back at the house, Shelby was checked from one end to the other. They were particularly interested in her mouth. Finally everyone settled down.

Shelby had soaked food for dinner and tried to check out the other bowls. Things were looking up. The biggest problem was that they are usually given dental treats every evening and Shelby can’t have anything hard for 6 days. Scotties are creatures of habit and it was difficult. You can’t give one without the other. There were no treats.

Shelby is doing much better today. I gave her the pain medicine this morning. She did eat her food and was less schlumpy  during the day.  Mom is feeling guilty over the treats. This to will pass. She will not let me see her missing four front teeth, but she will always be beautiful in my eyes.  There are no toys on the floor.001002005


15 thoughts on “THE AFTERMATH

  1. lexitheschnauzer

    Aw, Shelby. Those are the best pictures I’ve seen of you, and you are a beautiful girl. Please try not to feel so sad. I understand how hard it is when our routines get disrupted. Maybe your Mom will think of soft treats to give you, like applesauce or mashed potatoes. Lots of love coming your way.

    1. corkscot Post author

      It is so hard to change a Scottie diet. She is getting her Softee treats, but not much else in the way of treats. Sid and Sophie are giving me unhappy looks. They want their treats.

  2. Glenna Jones

    Poor Shelby..but you are a great Scottie mom! Will be praying for quick healing. Hugs and love to you all,

    1. corkscot Post author

      Sid is smart enough to not get involved with the girls. It wasn’t a nasty accident, just the teeth must have loosened over the months of tug.


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