Tory- Corkscot Gold Toreador was the first male Scottie to be born in Florida. His sister were born first and I had given up any hope of there being another pup when he emerged two hours later. Tory was the peace keeper between the two sisters and had the most quirks of any of the other Scotties. He would eat and drink while being flat out on the floor. It would take him numerous attempts to jump up on the furniture. He always had the sweetest smile on his face.He shared a very bad trait with Sidney, they did not like to travel in a car. When he was 2 tears old, I took a trip with Corky, Drew, Tiffany, and Tory to West Virginia to visit Betty Lou Breese. She was the owner of the sire of the pups and they had been conceived at her house two years before. I had bought a new little wagon so that I could put in a bunch of crates for the dogs. I don’t like driving with dogs that are loose in the car. The trip took two days. Tory spent the whole trip throwing up. The new car smell was gone and I had a sick dog on my hands.

Tory went into renal failure when he was 6+ years old. I tried everything to get him back to health.  It was not to be. He left a huge hole in my heart when he died. I know that he is being a  referee to his sisters over the Rainbow Bridge and giving kisses to all of the other dogs. R001001001IP  my sweet boy.


12 thoughts on “IN LOVING MEMORY OF TORY

  1. Kismet

    Kaci is a veteran of road trips. The peeps have no idea what’s in their future if they take Kali, the “Wylde Chylde” on a transcontinental trip.

    1. corkscot Post author

      Having three puppies at one time made for a lot of pictures. This was in the old days, 1999, when you had to develop film. It was very expensive.


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