We were nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by two blogs. Thanks to  noodle4president016 and lexitheschnauzer for our nomination. We have to tell you seven facts about ourselves.

  1. Mom got started blogging because she thought that some people might be interested in our Scottie family.
  2. Mom got her first Scottie back in 1968. Her name was Corky- The New York Corky.
  3. There has been another Corky in her life- the Florida Corky.
  4. The first blog that Mom read was The Scottie Chronicles. She always had something to say about it. Kylascott helped us to get started.
  5. Sidney was the solo Scottie here for only three months. He was not happy to be the only dog after Drew died. Three months later Shelby came to us from rescue.
  6. Shelby’s foster family almost kept her. We would have been miserable.
  7. Sophie has made me question my sanity. What was I thinking??? I’m to old for this nonsense, but she is the sweetest dog ever. There are more kisses from her in one day than all of the other 11 Scotties put together.

  8. I nominate the following blogs for the Lovely Blog Award.  The award directs me to give you a link to their blog,.  Copy the rules and add blog award,  ask them to give 7 facts about themselves, and nominate up to 15 people for the award.I nominate The Adventures of Indy and Lucy,the Scottie Chronicle, Kylascott or Kismet, The Adventures of Ranger, Oz the Terrier, Gluten Free Zen, Jaspersdoggyworld, Chronicles of Wallace and Samuel, The Roving Van Gelders, Quilting Sisters, and Hutch A Good Life. We hope that we didn’t forget any of our friends. Our thanks for the nomination to Lexi and Noodle

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