It has been 8 years since Tiffany Sue- Corkscot Golden Jewel went over the Rainbow Bridge. She was only 8.5 years old when she decided that something on the street was meant to be eaten.We could not get it out of her mouth in time and whatever it was, was the ultimate cause of her death.  She spent 10 days under a vet’s care and in the end there was nothing to do for her.

She was a feisty little girl. She had an opinion on just about everything. She decided that she didn’t have to be house trained and resisted until she was 2 years old. She loved her brother Tory, auntie Corky, and mom Drew, but hated her sister Lexie Lou and her new brother Sidney. When Lexie Lou came to visit, there was always words from Tiffany. Lexie was very easy going and we could never understand the problems.

When Sidney arrived in June of 2007, she was miserable. He did nothing to annoy her, but she snarled at him and made him stay away. She hid under a bench and would not come out. It never came to a huge battle, but it was close.

The candle is lit in her remembrance. I hope that she is playing well with all of her Rainbow family. In spite of all of her problems, she is missed. This picture was taken on  the night that Tiffany and Lexie took their obedience test.  Tiffany was a terrible student, but that night she placed 2nd out of 11 in the class. Lexie was one of the best all season long and she did not do as well. 001



15 thoughts on “IN LOVING MEMORY

  1. Skyler Braveheart

    Constantly trying to keep Skyler from popping stuff in his mouth, so thank you for this warning….he looks at me as if I am Mommie Dearest, but I will remain vigilant. She was a beautiful girl, and we are very sorry for such a grievous loss.

      1. corkscot Post author

        They can be so sneaky when you are walking them. Sometimes Drew would take a rawhide out for our walk and I didn’t notice it until she gave me a big a smile and it was there in her teeth.

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