I can’t believe that you have been here for 5 years. Special thanks to Sean Kennedy( his girl friend gave him the ultimatum me or the dog), Janet Skinner from the Scottish Rescue group of Tampa Bay, Scott Cotrell who fostered Shelby, and Insa Evans for transporting Shelby from Tampa to West Palm Beach.

Shelby arrived at about 12PM and was settled into the house in about 15 minutes. She and Sidney got along from the time of her arrival. They have never had a disagreement in the 5 years of her being here.

This little girl was 10 months old on her arrival and she was perfectly trained. Her manners were impeccable and have stayed that way. DSCF0056DSCF0057These were taken in the first week of her arrival. Rocky was visiting and he accepted her too.DSCF0062



    1. corkscot Post author

      That is Rocky and he is not chewing on the cord. Those are Rocky’s teeth. The picture was taken 5 years ago and the phone still works. Sidney is busy sniffing Shelby.


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