We went out a little larger last night because of football. I admit to be an addict. By the time that  we got back from our walk, there was thunder and lightning in the sky. It got very loud and the three Scotties were not happy. We quickly did our routine treats and I put Sophie in her crate for the evening. This is the only time that she is quiet and I found that I have been shutting the light in the kitchen earlier since her arrival at the house. It is the only peace and quiet that we get. The older ones followed me into the bedroom. When it is so noisy from the rain,, Sidney is very jumpy and gets on and off the bed. He also hides in the interior closet when the noise is too much. Finally, all was quiet and they found their spots. They rarely wake me up, so I was surprised that they did this morning. They both were on high alert. I thought that they might have heard something outside. Occasionally  a opossum or a raccoon has jumped he pool fence. It was not the case. As I opened the bedroom door, I saw that there was a little visitor waiting at the door. It was Sophie. I don’t know how he got out of the crate or when she got out of the crate. She was very excited to see the three of us. I will never know how it happened, but it did. All of gates were down. I didn’t expect her to be roaming around. I can’t wait to see what happens tonight.006


13 thoughts on “MORNING SURPRISE

  1. Glenna Jones

    When a scottie puts their mind to something, there is no stopping them! She is one smart girl, that Sophie!

  2. bentley2

    A couple of times when I put Bentley in his crate and by time I went downstairs Bentley was following me. The only thing I can figure out is that I missed the hole when I went to lock the door on the crate so Bentley just pushed the door open and came out. After that I recheck the door on the crate to make sure that it locked into the hole.
    Bentley’s mom.

    1. corkscot Post author

      She was put in the crate at 10PM. We didn’t leave the bedroom until 7:50AM. That was a lot of time to get into trouble. I am double checking the latch now.


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