I don’t make resolutions myself. Why put yourself in the position of possibly failing?  That does not mean that I wish the Scotties would avoid making some promises for future behavior. It would be very nice if they would have the attention span of more than 1 minute. It seems that I have to repeat myself constantly. Listen the first time and do it. Whatever it is!

Learn to share the toys. There are more than enough toys littering the floor for 20 dogs to keep occupied. Everyone doesn’t need to play with the same toy at the same exact moment.

When we go for walks, walk. Every blade of grass does not have to be sniffed every time. I shouldn’t have to take you out in shifts. Everyone can walk together. This is intended for Sophie. She is impossible to walk. The older two are better at this activity.

Sophie should have learned her name by now. She has been here for 15 months. Get with the program.

When I got Sophie, the breeder told me to make sure that the older ones did not pick on her. It should have been that Sophie not pick on the older ones. She annoys them constantly. The are very patient with her.

I’m sure that there are more things that can be improved. One thing that is in abundance and I would not changer- the amount of kisses received on a daily basis. It makes it all worthwhile.001002003




    1. corkscot Post author

      I walk without them everyday. It try to do over 20000 steps a day. I usually do more, but if I counted the steps with the brats, it would be more like 1000 a day if I were lucky.

    1. corkscot Post author

      There are about 2400 steps for every mile. This depends on your stride. When it is cooler, less than 80 in the daytime, I walk about 10 miles a day. I have books on my nano and it is the greatest way to keep moving. If you have a great book, you don’t want to stop.

  1. lexitheschnauzer

    When Mom wants to really walk (as opposed to letting me have a sniff-fest) she takes us down the middle of the road in our subdivision. Nothing much to smell there. And she makes me wear my pinch collar, too. I sure do hate that thing, and I hate even more that it works! Mom said maybe an obedience class for everyone would work??

    1. corkscot Post author

      Sophie came in last place in her obedience class. It was one of those certificates for showing up deals. Totally meaningless. If we walked down the middle of our street, we would all; be dead. It seems to be a sport to get across the street. The posted speed limit is 25. We must have dyslexic people that do everything backwards.


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