Tonight we got to celebrate Auntie Michele’s birthday. Rocky came to stay while the grown ups went for dinner. For some reason, the restaurants do not allow dogs. When they came back the fun began. Everyone gets to pick their favorite cake for their birthdays. We celebrated Uncle Brian and his girl friend Alison’s birthday two weeks ago and he chose a Mounds cake. It is just like it sounds. Dark chocolate surrounding coconut in several layers.  The dogs did not get to share. Auntie  Michele picked a plain cheesecake without the graham cracker crust. We got to share!!!! At first Sid was very gentle when he tried a piece off of Michele’s finger.  Then we got carried away and thought that the whole finger was cake. A little bit of a chomp on the finger happened. We finally got to lick the plate YUMMY!!!!007015016


12 thoughts on “THE LAST PARTY OF THE YEAR

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