Today the girls went to the vet for their annual visit. Sophie was not a happy camper. The last time that she went was a year ago. She was 5 months old. I am surprised at her reaction to the visit. She refused to walk into the room. Shelby was not much better, but she is older and had more visits to the vet.

I was excited to see how much Sophie has grown over the year.  I have been saying that she is still a handful, everyone says that she has to have grown. Well the results are in. Both of the girls put on a pound over the year. Shelby is up to 23.8 and Sophie is 16.8 lbs. One pound in a year is nothing at her age. She is just a dainty, petite little girl.Sophie gave DR. Patty a hard time with her heartworm test. It took three tries in her leg before they took her back to bet some blood from her jugular.

Sid was waiting for the girls at the door when we came home. He was not happy to be left out of the trip, but I’m sure that he was happy to avoid the vet.





13 thoughts on “A VISIT TO THE VET

  1. Skyler Braveheart

    Ethe Boaeding Kennel scale says Skyler is 20-21 lbs
    , which people at Fala had a hard time believing. Last week at the Vet he was 18 lbs which makes sense. He is not a big guy in any way,,,looks like a stuffed toy.


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