Rocky has been with us since Thursday evening. It is always a little hairy when Rocky comes to visit. Sidney seems to have a problem with him when Michele brings him over on the weekend for a visit. He hasn’t spent the night in a while. 002
Rocky has spent a good part of the time hiding under the breakfast table.004
Sophie enticing him out from under the table. Food is usually the biggest motivator for him.010
Where is Shelby? She has had enough of the antics od the others and she is waiting patiently for the next meal. Meal time is fun because they all run from one crate to the next looking for food.Idon’t think that any of them have eaten in the same place for all of the meals.
It started out rocky(pun intended), but everyone has gotten along really well. Michele will be back on Sunday night and the lunacy will be somewhat lessened.


10 thoughts on “WEEKEND VISITOR

    1. corkscot Post author

      It has been working. Sophie is impossible to walk with any of the others. Rocky doesn’t want to wait for Sophie to be walked and decided the floor was good enough for him if he had to wait. Now he is going in the crate while I walk Sophie. It is a good thing that I have an abundance of crates for all of the nonsense.

    1. corkscot Post author

      Sidney got along very well with Rocky this weekend. Michele seems to think that she is the problem. She thinks that there is jealousy when she is present . They all vie for her attention. Rocky doesn’t care if the others want to sit with his mom. Sidney never wanted to be a solo dog. That is why I got Shelby after Drew died. I don’t think that he would mind if Sophie disappeared.


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