I haven’t played tennis for a few years. I used to play three or four times a week, but most of my partners left Florida or stopped playing. I haven’t been able to watch it on TV because I would rather play than watch. This weekend, I decided to watch the Vinci- Pennetta match.I had to see the person that beat Serena Williams. This is the first time that I have had a reaction from the dogs while watching TV in over 7 years. I assume that they did not like the grunting that was taking place or they didn’t like anyone playing with a tennis ball.008010
Shelby was the most vocal of the three.


12 thoughts on “TENNIS ANYONE?

  1. Kismet

    Kaci is in to horse racing. We found that out when watching the Kentucky Derby. She jumps up and down like a piston. She might have a bet down and is trying to pull her horse through.

  2. lexitheschnauzer

    Personally I don’t watch TV. Hey, Mom went to the local AKC dog show yesterday and for the first time saw Scotties who weren’t black. The judge had the three of them get in a circle in the middle, and the most aggressive one won. Mom asked a Scottie shower about it afterwards and she said it was to test for temperament, that Scotties are about the same size as badgers and that should provoke a response. Maybe that means that your young trouble-maker would win a dog show!

    1. corkscot Post author

      It is called baiting. It is not a popular way of picking winners. My friend had two brothers in a show ring and the judge tried to bait them It did not work because they were the best of buddies. It wouldn’t work for Sophie. She is just annoying. She doesn’t want to fight. There are many acceptable colors of Scotties.


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