One Down, Two To Go

I corralled Miss Sophie today to try to do her ears. Holding is still is equivalent to wrestling an alligator. The ears are a part of the Scottie that gives them their characterisitc look. She was not a happy camper to say the least. Shelby and Sidney went into hiding. One a day is more than I can handle. They will wait for another day. I still have some tweaking on her face, but she looks so much better.005003004
Maybe with all of the hair gone from inside and outside her ears she will hear better. WHO AM I KIDDING?


15 thoughts on “One Down, Two To Go

  1. rubytheairedale

    What???? No bloodbath???? Wells, I KNOW my Ma didn’t do your ears then!!!! Count yourself lucky gurl! I thinks they look FABulous! My ears are also supposed to look as FABulous as yours, butts Ma has never been able to achieve it…something abouts havin’ curly furs on my ears. I am all kinds of jealous right nows!!!
    I also hopes you got LOTS of treaties for your torture…☺
    Ruby ♥

    1. corkscot Post author

      In all of the years, I have never cut an ear. i use the electric dog razor and I keep my finger in front of what I am cutting. I haven’t even cut my finger. Sid has curly hair. We is the only Scottie that has had it. It does make it more difficult.

  2. Kismet

    As a burd, I think that the Scottie look isn’t ears (I’m not an ear burd because I don’t have any) but in the beard and brows (wait a second, I don’t have those either). OK, the Scottie look comes from either feathers or the lack thereof.


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