IN LOVING MEMORY OF CORKY- rescued Dec. 12. 1992- Aug.26,2006

Corky was the first Florida Scottie. She was found on the streets of one of the neighboring towns and I adopted her to keep me company. My husband that died the previous month and one child was in college and the other worked horrible hours. Corky gave me reason to get up every morning and facilitated my meeting my neighbors. I had lived in the community for 9 years and i met more people in the first few months of owning her than the previous nine years.
She is remembered daily because of her wonderful disposition and her extreme friendliness. She is keeping watch over all of my other Scotties over the Rainbow Bridge.
Rest In Peace sweet girl!001corky weinstein 001


23 thoughts on “IN LOVING MEMORY OF CORKY- rescued Dec. 12. 1992- Aug.26,2006

    1. corkscot Post author

      The two Corky’s were both beyond wonderful. I was blessed to be owned by both of them. The first Corky was my first dog ever and she was born and lived with me in NYC .

    1. corkscot Post author

      You never forget your precious companions. Your mom had a lot on her mind. My sympathies for Noah. If your mom is like me, she thinks of him every day.

    1. corkscot Post author

      I don’t consider myself an introvert. It is just that the neighbors were never friendly when my husband was alive. If you have a child or dog, they will speak to you. Teenagers, at the time, don’t count.

  1. sue hall

    the love you shared with Corky will go on through eternity….. may your heart always be full of her sweet memories. ♥

  2. corkscot Post author

    The first Corky died in 1978. I still think about her every day. They make such a huge in impact on our lives. Corky was the first dog and I was afraid of dogs my whole life. I got her when I was pregnant. My greatest fear was that I would abandon my child and run screaming when I encountered a dog. She taught me all about the love of an animal. My life would have been less rich without her and the subsequent Scotties.


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