Today was the day for a visit to the new dog park. Sophie and I went to meet with Glenna Jones and her two Scotties. Her male, Rowdy is a brother of Sidney. Her female Lacey is just a few months older than Sophie. Lacey and Sophie did not hit it off right away. There was a little bit of biting on the part of Lacey. Rowdy was busy growling. I thought that I had made a big mistake taking Sophie since she is so excitable and annoying to other dogs. They seemed to settle down for a while and ran around the park. We went into the 20-50 lb. part of the park, but a lady with a Husky brought her dog in that part of the park. Thankfully the Scotties seemed to enjoy her company and she was a calming influence. Other breeds were present. There were two beautiful Weimariners, some beagles, a lot of little breeds, and some very large dogs. It was exhausting for Sophie and it had me on edge for quite a while.
It is something that I will probably do again. Hopefully Glenna’s dogs will remember Sophie and we will not have to go through the same nonsense for socializing.008 Sophie, Lace, and Rowdy at the water fountain.019 meeting the Husky.013 The three Scotties running 009 Fence running with the Weimariners



    1. corkscot Post author

      We almost didn’t make it into the park. The wheaten Scottie Lacey went after her right away. This momma doesn’t let her children out of sight.

    1. corkscot Post author

      Sophie did have fun. Shelby and Sidney enjoyed their time without her in the house. She can be an annoyance to them on a constant basis.

  1. noodle4president

    My Mom wants to take Macy to the dog park but she’s scared of how other dogs will be and if Macy’s rough housing will be mistaken for aggression. I don’t EVER want to go which is just as well because Mom and Dad said I am too small. You guys are the same size as me!!! It’s okay, I don’t like to play with other dogs anyway 🙂 *ear licks* Noodle

    1. corkscot Post author

      We took them into the 20-50 lb. park. The little dogs in up to 20 lbs seemed to have a wonderful time in their part of the park. I know that Sid would not appreciate going with the larger dogs. Your mom is right. Rough housing can be mistaken for aggression. Shelby’s inappropriate barking is seen as aggressive. She is just telling people that they better not ignore her. One of the parts in the area is for all sizes in the same place. There have been many bad incidences at that park. I would not go unless there is a demarcation for size.

      1. corkscot Post author

        That is why I didn’t take Sidney with me. It is iffy when he sees his brother and I have never been to the park before. Sophie gets along with everyone. Shelby is hit and miss

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