The new dog park will have the grand opening in September. In the mean time the park is open. It has been too hot for me to take the Scotties to visit. I went by myself to see how it came out. I had been on the planning committee for building the park. Of course they took few of our suggestions. There is not sufficient shade of trees for the hot weather. The water sources are far from the actual enclosures and the fences are very low. Four feet high fences will not contain a large dog. Another problem is the park is divided into three sections. Up to 20 lbs, 20- 50 lbs, and over 50 lbs. Shelby and Sidney are over 20 lbs and Sophie is under. I don’t see how I can take all three by myself and I wouldn’t want to have them in separate enclosures. For the daughter of a mathematics teacher, Sophie has not learned one of the basic principles of geometry- the shortest distances between two points is a straight line. This would make it difficult walking her. We shall see.
The throwback part is the fun that the older two had at one of the other dog parks in the area. We have four dog parks within 4033034062 miles of the house. Sidney enjoying the park with Maggie and with his brother Rowdy and Bonnie.



    1. corkscot Post author

      We have so many parks within a short distance of our house. We are not taxed to death in Florida like we were in New York. There is sales tax and property tax,yet we have wonderful amenities that are free.

    1. corkscot Post author

      We haven’t gone in a long time. Three dogs are too much to handle. Sid and Shelby got excited whenever we went to the park. We usually met with his brother of Maggie Swift. We are going to try on Monday night if the weather agrees. I’m not sure which dog or dogs are going.

  1. Ranger

    We don’t have a lot of dog parks around here. Y’all are lucky.
    Whenever I go to da Dogster, she says dat am exactly 20 lbs. So I guess before breakfast I could go to da under 20 section and after breakfast I could go to da over 20 lbs.


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