All of the people that we have met through blogs have been wonderful. You wind up developing special relationships with the people that read your missives. There have been extra special people that I would like to acknowledge.
Today we received a package from Trisha the mother of Indy and Lucy. Her previous dog was named Sophie and she said that she was going through some of her stuff and found all of these collars and the bandanas embroidered with the name Sophie. She graciously sent them on to us. My Sophie must have realized that they were previously owned and she did not leave them alone. The package that they came in was totally sniffed out, as were my hands.
Thank you for thinking our us and we will honor the memory of your Sophie with our Scottie Sophie. You are a very generous person.
We would also like to give a big thanks to Kismet, Kali, Kaci, and the world famous Kyla. They helped me get started in blogging and held my hand through the whole process. If it weren’t for them, the blog would never have happened.
A shout out to Ranger. They have helped by doing wonders with our photos when they have hosted special events. The photos have received lots of comments and I appreciate the help.
Stuart was the first blog that we read and it got me interested in the first place.
Thanks to all that read our thought and look at our pictures. We hope to find interesting things to write about and keep you informed about the comings and going of this wacky household.



    1. corkscot Post author

      Sophie was my maternal grandmother and I think about her everyday even though she is gone more than 45 years. Unfortunately this Sophie is nothing like my grandmother. There is still hope for her behavior to turn around.

    1. fergusnguinness

      We don’t think you knew Kyla Skyler BH. But from the very very first, we thought oh wouldn’t it have been wonderful if Kyla and Angus Fala had met in fur life. There was a little bit of crossover before both decided to camp out at the rainbow bridge. I wonder if Ainsley will get any reports in dreams about them meeting there??????

  1. fergusnguinness

    We think Indy and Lucy’s Mom is amazing too. It is beyond generous to part with a beloved furkid’s special belongings and how precious your Sophie is as the recipient. We agree with our bud Skyler Braveheart with it being a wonderful thing to be a friend of TJ plus all of the fun Scotties on your blog. We hope to see more photos of Sophie wearing Sophie!

    1. corkscot Post author

      Sophie will be doing a lot of neck exercises to bulk up for the collars. I know how hard it is to part with things that our babies used.


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