Thanks to our new dear friends at Lexi the Schnauzer for nominating us for this challenge.corky weinstein 001
this is the first Florida Scottie- Corky our namesake. She was a wonderful companion and brought great joy to our household from 1992- 2006.002
With the arrival of Drew in 1997, Corky had a companion to play with on a full time basis. The girls were best buddies.002
The arrival of Drew’s puppies changed life forever in the house. There were five dogs in the house and it was constant chaos and fun at the same time. They were born on July 15, 1999.001
This was taken on the night that Lexie Lou and Tiffany Sue graduated from obedience school.The others came along for the picture taking and the show of the two sisters doing their obedience work. Lexie Lou was living with Auntie Michele at this point . Michele had become her mom when Lexie was 4 months old. It was hard for me to give her up, but Michele was a wonderful mother to her.DSCF0049
Sidney came along after the passing of Corky. He was not a favorite of Tiffany Sue. They had a very contentious relationship. She tried her best to ignore him as much as possible. Drew became the peacemaker.ROCKY
Rocky was the next bundle of joy to join our family. After the passing of Lexie Lou from Lymphoma at the age of 8, Michele was missing her companion. She was checking online and saw that one if the rescue groups had a Scottie available.She drove to see him and was very surprised by his condition. It looks like his jaw had been broken at one point and it protruded out on the bottom. It did not stop her from adopting him. The lady at the rescue was sure that she was going to turn him down. We all love our Rocky.

Sidney and Shelby

Sidney and Shelby

Shelby was adopted from a Scottie rescue organization after Drew died at the age 0f 14.5. Sidney was very lonesome and he needed a companion. it was as if they were soul mates. The two have never had any disagreements in the 4+ years that they have been together. It is wonderful to see them have each others back. This picture was taken on the first day that Shelby arrived.003
Sidney and Shelby sitting together on the new floor. Sidney was terrified of the wood floors when they were first put down. He refused to walk on them. Shelby convinced him that it was safe.005
The arrival of Sophie has changed our lives completely. She is always on the move acting like a fool. She is constantly in trouble. Nothing is safe any more. She provides comic relief to every occasion. She has increased the bond between Sidney and Shelby because Sid doesn’t allow Sophie to pick on Shelby.
We invite Indy and Lucy to accept this challenge.
We invite Stuart to accept this challenge.
We invite Ranger to accept this challenge.
We invite Wallace and Samuel to accept the challenge.
Hopefully we are doing this in the right way. Anyone of our friends that has not done the challenge can participate.



  1. lexitheschnauzer

    Corky started all this Scottie happiness in your lives like Mom’s first schnauzer Freda started it in Mom’s. I am grateful to Freda, even though I never met her, for instilling the love of the breed in my Mom so that she adopted me. Thank you for sharing your family with us. I especially love the pic of Scotties in a barrel!

    1. corkscot Post author

      They were professionally done and it took a lot of work to get them all to sit still. You might notice my hand holding Tiffany Sue down on the right side of the pic.

    1. corkscot Post author

      SKYLER BRAVEHEART- You are invited to join in too. It should have been eight not weight. My nails are very long and I always hit the wrong keys on the keyboard. My bad!


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