For Your Information

I walked out of the house for a few minutes. The mangoes are falling rapidly off of the many mango trees and I wanted to pick them up. When I cam back in the house, Sidney got up to greet me and He was limping. I took one look at him and I knew what was the cause. He had caught his dew claw into his collar and he could not get it the nail out of the space. I don’t know why breeders do not take dew claws off when the puppies are born. My litter had the dew claws removed at day two or their lives. At that point it is the same as cutting a nail. If you do this when they are older, it is an amputation. It is very painful. If you see your dog limping all of a sudden, check to see that their dewclaws are not caught in their collars.001
Sidney keeping an eye on Sophie. Sophie does not have dew claws. Thanks Ruthye.


16 thoughts on “For Your Information

  1. lexitheschnauzer

    Poor Sidney. That must of hurt. Mommy grooms two dogs who both have two – that’s one, two – dewclaws on each of their back feet. Using my awesome math skills, I know that’s six dew claws per dog. Wow!

  2. fergusnguinness

    Our peeps had puppies years ago and they were always born without dew claws. I, Guinness, was born without them too but Fergus had them. Mom had Dr. Pokey remove them when he removed his boy parts. Not a fun event so hope all your bloggers take heed of your great advise.

    1. corkscot Post author

      I remember when the puppies had theirs removed. They did not make a peep. The cartilage is so soft that it is as painful as you cutting your nails.

    1. corkscot Post author

      It just got caught. Shelby is the one that had her dewclaw broken. It was no fun. My experience with Shelby helped me to realize the problem with Sid and saved me a trip to the vet.


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