In Memory of the Corkscot Babies- July 15, 1999

Sixteen years ago today three little Scotties were born to Drew- Tiffany Sue was the first, Lexie Lou was the second, and after a few hours, Tory made his appearance. His roll in life would be the peace keeper between his two sisters. They fought about everything.
Tiffany had trouble walking and a special U- shaped box was built to keep her legs from going out from underneath her body. After several weeks, she learned the proper way to walk.
Lexie Lou was always sweet. She left to go live with my daughter at the age of 4 months. Every time that she came to visit, Tiffany would give her grief.
Tory was a very special boy. He was sweet and loving. Everything was a chore for him. He would eat sprawled out at the bowl and keep his head in the food until he was finished. It took him forever to learn to jump up on the couch. He would keep bobbing up and down until the momentum finally got him going. You could always count on him for a kiss.
The three of them did not live very long. Tory died of renal failure at ther age of 6. Lexie lou died of lymphoma at the age of 8.5 amd one month later Tiffany succumbed to something that she ate off of ther ground. Ten days of medical intervention did not save her.
They will always be remembered and always be missed.001001001001


16 thoughts on “In Memory of the Corkscot Babies- July 15, 1999

  1. Kismet

    Something she ate off the ground? It sounds like something Kyla would have done. Anything and Everything was evaluated by her for the “edibleness” and the opinions of that by others weren’t considered.

    1. corkscot Post author

      We think that it was a chicken bone. By the time we noticed that she had picked it up, it was gone. The vet thought that it had punctured her intestines. She was operated on and it did not get better.

    1. Kismet

      Tell your mom that the dogs are worth it. You simply get new dogs (especially if you’re into rescue). Think what would have happened to the dogs if you weren’t there. There’s nothing better for a dog than to life out the lifespan in happiness. Some dogs are dead as pups. You can’t save the dogs beyond their time-hell, you can’t even save yourself beyond your time.

      Enjoy each other-that’s all you can do. You enjoy them and they enjoy you.

      1. wallaceandsamuel

        Mom says that now she and dada live in a house and complex that allows dogs they will never be without a dog again. She is very keen on getting a rescue next butt that is (paws crossed) a long way off ‘cos we are both still young and healthy and they are only allowed 2 dogs at time

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