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All of the guys wish you a safe and sane holiday. The fireworks are being shot off already. it is not even dark. It will be a long night with all of the dogs looking for a safe place.026


18 thoughts on “HAPPY 4TH OF JULY

  1. lexitheschnauzer

    Do they like their kennels? If so, some Valerian or other mild sedative and a cozy blanket in their kennels might be just the ticket. Hoping they (and you) have a good evening.

    1. corkscot Post author

      They will go into their kennels voluntarily when they are stressed. We have tried all kinds of supplements and shirts. It was horribly noisy last night.

  2. rubytheairedale

    Oh guys, that’s not good! Tell your peeps to keep the TV loud and the AC on! I don’t mind them, butts I knows LOTS of pups don’t. I hate the big boomers and bark my arse off! BOL
    Hey, I’m gonna have Ma check out that Valerian stuffs, that is one she hasn’t tried on me yet (I gots prescription stuffs, butts natural is always best if you can)
    Stay safe and if you needs some margaritas, just let me know!
    Ruby ♥

    1. corkscot Post author

      They were still going strong at 2AM. Our village provides a spectacular display every year. It should be enough for everyone.


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