Growing up, I spent my years being deathly afraid of dogs. I was terrified of going anywhere. If I heard coins or keys rattling around in a pocket, I thought it was a dog on a chain and started screaming. This is not the way to enter adulthood and definitely not the way to begin motherhood.
I was pregnant and in the back of our cooperative apartment building. I ran into my aunt and started talking to her.One of her neighbors stopped to talk and my aunt commented that she had never seen me near a dog. I asked her what she was talking about? She replied that the lady had a dog with her. I was not aware or I would have ran for the hills. The dog seems to have no interest in me and this became my first encounter with a dog.She said that she was going on a vacation and the lady that was supposed to watch the dog had called and said that she was unable to fulfill her promise. Thinking this would be a great opportunity for me to get over my fear, I said that it would be a good thing for me to help her.The arrangements were made and I had a Scottie to watch for 2 weeks. I was pregnant at the time and I knew that any dog encounter with my baby would have left me running and screaming. By the time the lady came back, I was reluctant to let the little Scottie go back to her family. It was devastating to see her go. Within a week, the search was on for a Scottie. I still had fear for big dogs, but I wanted a Scottie. We finally found one and we named her Corky. She was the best babysitter for our first born and a wonderful companion. Three years later,she became a mother and did a fantastic job of it. Thanks to the first Scottie Corky for getting me to give up my fears and learn to love dogs.001
Corky and Brian002
Corky, Brian, and myself on vacation003
Corky and her babies- McDuff, Kilts, and Boots


    1. corkscot Post author

      There were several large dogs on the block- Great Dane, Doberman, etc. It was scary for a little kid. I think that one of the dogs came running at me and cornered me. It started the vicious cycle of fear.

  1. Skyler Braveheart

    This is THE best story! My Mother was attacked by a pack of dogs when she was a child, however, she kept her love for dogs, and loved my Scotties, Chows, and Border Collie/Aussie mix. You were meant to have a Scottie!


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