MEMORY MONDAY- In honor of Lexi the schnauzer

Sid’s most memorable event was his trip to Florida with his two brothers.He was born in Virginia at the home of Betty Lou Breese. His parents were Champions- His sire was Hiwood Golden Son of Samm( American, Canadian, International, and Mexican Champion) and his dame was Champion Hiwood Golden Twindling Mist. One brother was going to live in the Orlando area and the other two boys(Sidney and Rowdy) were coming to Royal Palm Beach. I have known Rowdy’s parents for many years at the time of the purchase. They left Virginia on June 2 and arrived in Florida on June3. Sunny was dropped off in Orlando and Rowdy and Sid arrived bright and early on June 3 at my house. To see those two cute little faces peeking out of the crate was a wonderful experience. They each had a little toy that they were holding in their paws.Rowdy’s mom came to pick him up. They live about three miles away. Sidney was here to stay.The trip must have been very memorable because Sidney hates to get in the car. Every car trip is accompanied with loud protests and horrible crying. The man that drove them here was a wonderful person and had been very helpful in the Breese household for many years. DSCF0043DSCF0036
Sidney and Rowdy at the dog park and Sidney by himself at the dog park. The dog park is midway between our two houses and the short trip is horrible because of the crying of Sidney.


12 thoughts on “MEMORY MONDAY- In honor of Lexi the schnauzer

    1. corkscot Post author

      I have been using rescue remedy for over 20 tears. I had a wonderful friend that was very holistic. She used the Bach Flower stuff for everything. My Sidney is named for her Scottie, Sidney.

  1. susieandsidebite

    Oh doggies …its terrible that Sidney hates the car…….we just sit and look out at all the sights….Dad points out cows to Sidebite…then he barks at them…I just like to look!

    Da Sus

    1. corkscot Post author

      That is because you are both well behaved. Sid is not the first Scottie with this problem. Tory was the same way. I had just gotten a new car for a trip to West Virginia. It was a little wagon that accommodated three crates. Corky always sat perfectly and did not need a crate, but Drew, Tiffany, and Tory needed them. Tory spent two days howling in the car and throwing up. The new car smell was gone very quickly.

  2. lexitheschnauzer

    Thank you for making this in my honor…I am honored! Mom says they make special shirts (I don’t know who “they” is so don’t ask) that doggies can wear to help calm them. Like when they’re scared of thunderstorms and such (which I’m not). Maybe Sid could try that? barks and wiggles

  3. dougalldog

    I used to hate the car. because it only ever took me one of two places. The groomer or the dogtor. Now it also takes me to see Alex. I love going there, so therefore I love the car!


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