A Present For Mother’s Day

My son Brian has taken to giving me a gift for the dogs on my birthday and on Mother’s Day. My gift seems to be a fantastic dog toy. It is a Mighty Dog toy.There are no hard edges,2 layers of plush, and sewn multiple times. It says that all seams are located inside the toy and are covered by a flexible material. It looks really strong. Can it withstand three Scotties? It looks like it can, but we will see.001002
It is scary looking.


22 thoughts on “A Present For Mother’s Day

  1. Jacques' Dog Blog

    Haha! I used to think it was only big dogs that could quickly destroy toys. Then I met Jacques. What’s the over-under on this wonder dino lasting more than a few days? 😉

  2. Jacques' Dog Blog

    And by the way – that’s very sweet of your son. When Niko & Rocky were alive, I’d get presents “from” them. Apparently Jacques isn’t much of a gift giver, or I should say he thinks his presence is enough of a present.

  3. lexitheschnauzer

    Wait, it is your special day and the fur babies get the present??? I sure wouldn’t like that if it was MY special day. Wait again! Could someone explain this to my Mom’s friends and family? I am the only fur baby here (no, I don’t count the big oaf Riley) so I would get all the gifts!!

    1. corkscot Post author

      I do still get gifts, but Brian likes to give the dogs gifts too. He paid for dinner for 4, chocolate, and a few other things. It still is my special day as long as we are all together.


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